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  • Determining the amount of foreign investment fund income to include in your assessable income



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    There are three methods for working out taxation for an interest in a FIF and two methods for an interest in an FLP, depending on your access to certain information on the FIF or FLP.

    Interest in a FIF

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    • Most taxpayers liable to tax under the FIF measures will use the market value method.
    • Use the deemed rate of return method if you are unable to establish a market value for your FIF interest and you have not elected to use the calculation method.
    • Use the calculation method if you have access to the financial accounts of the FIF and you are able to determine the FIF's calculated profit or calculated loss.

    Interest in an FLP

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    If you have invested in a foreign life assurance policy, you can use:

    • the deemed rate of return method, or
    • the cash surrender method.
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