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  • B Gross tax



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Show at B the amount of tax payable before the allowance of any rebates, tax offsets and credits.

    The compliance status of the fund affects the tax rates that apply. If the fund is a regulated superannuation fund, ADF or PST and you have not received a Notice of non-compliance from APRA, then the fund is a complying fund and the standard tax rate is 15%. If your fund is a non-complying fund the standard tax rate is 45%.

    However, different tax rates apply to the following types of income and you must ensure that you apply the correct rate of tax amounts shown at:

    • R3 No-TFN quoted contributions item 10
    • U Net non-arm's length income item 10, or
    • T Assessable income due to changed tax status of fund item 10.

    Refer to appendix 3 for more information on the applicable tax rate.

    The examples below should help you to determine the gross tax calculation. There are special provisions for no-TFN-quoted contributions. Refer to R Assessable contributions in these instructions for examples.

    If you show no income at R3, U and T, then the amount you show at B is the amount multiplied by the applicable tax rate. Otherwise use examples 5 and 6 to help you calculate the gross tax amount.

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