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  • D1 Gross foreign income



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Show at D1 the gross assessable income derived by the fund from foreign sources, including New Zealand dividends and supplementary dividends. Do not include any Australian franking credits attached to New Zealand dividends. Show these at EAustralian franking credits from a New Zealand company.

    If the fund received a distribution of foreign source income from a partnership or trust, include the foreign source income at D1. Do not include this amount at:

    • I Gross distribution from partnerships, nor
    • Q Trust distributions other amounts.

    An Australian superannuation fund makes a capital gain if a CGT event happens to any of its worldwide CGT assets.

    A fund that is not an 'Australian superannuation fund' makes a capital gain, generally speaking, if the CGT asset is taxable Australian property just before the CGT event happens. Do not show at D1 any capital gains made from these assets. Show the capital gains at A Net capital gain.

    Even if the TOFA rules apply to the fund, show at D1 all gross foreign income received by it.

    If what you show at D1 includes an amount brought to account under the TOFA rules, also complete item 16: Taxation of financial arrangements.

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