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  • F7 Credit: refundable National rental affordability scheme tax offset



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    End of attention

    Show at F7 the amount of national rental affordability scheme tax offset entitlement.

    The national rental affordability scheme (NRAS) is designed to encourage large-scale investment in affordable housing. The NRAS offers incentives to providers of new dwellings on the condition that they are rented to low and moderate income households at 20% below market rates.

    The refundable tax offset is only available where the Housing Secretary from the Department of Families, Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs has issued a certificate under the NRAS. In order to claim the offset in the 2010-11 income year, the NRAS certificate must relate to the NRAS year comprising the period 1 May 2010 to 30 April 2011.

    For more information, see National rental affordability scheme - refundable tax offset and other taxation issues.

    Last modified: 13 Feb 2019QC 28016