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  • Calculating a capital gain or capital loss for a depreciating asset in a low-value pool


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    There are separate rules for depreciating assets that have been allocated to a low-value pool.

    You make a capital gain if the depreciating asset's termination value is more than its cost. The amount of the capital gain is calculated as:

    (Termination value − cost) × (1 − taxable use fraction)

    • 'taxable use fraction' -the percentage of the asset's use that is for producing your assessable income, expressed as a fraction. This is the percentage you reasonably estimate at the time the asset is allocated to the low-value pool.

    You make a capital loss if the depreciating asset's cost is more than its termination value. The amount of the capital loss is calculated as:

    (Cost − termination value) × (1 − taxable use fraction)

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