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  • Other information

    Attaching additional information

    You can provide additional information by attaching it to this schedule. If you include additional information, you must:

    • include identifying information on each attached page – your TFN
    • write the number of attached pages at Total number of pages in the declaration statement in section B on the schedule.

    Changing your form

    If you want to change any of the information reported on the schedule or the early disclosure form after you have lodged it, you will need to lodge another:

    If the change relates to a Category A or B RTP, you should provide the changes in section C of the early disclosure form. In Concise description, you should refer to the RTP number used on the earlier early disclosure form (for example, E2016-x number) and detail the changes.

    Reasonable care

    Take the time to complete the schedule correctly and with reasonable care. This means you must take the same care that would be expected of a reasonable person in your position.

    Penalties may apply for false or misleading statements.

    See also:

    Company tax return

    If we have notified you in writing that you must lodge a reportable tax position schedule, you must answer Yes at item 23 of the Company tax return 2017 (NAT 0656).

    Last modified: 11 Feb 2019QC 50949