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  • Capital expenditure deductible under the UCA



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    The UCA maintains the treatment of some capital expenditure and also introduces new deductions for some capital expenditure that did not previously attract a deduction. Most of these deductions are only available if the expenditure does not form part of the cost of a depreciating asset.

    The following types of capital expenditure are deductible under the UCA:

    Generally, to work out your deductions you need to reduce the expenditure by the amount of any GST input tax credits you are entitled to claim in relation to the expenditure. Increasing or decreasing adjustments that relate to the expenditure may be allowed as a deduction or included in assessable income, respectively. Special rules apply to input tax credits on expenditure allocated to a project pool see Project pools.

    STS taxpayers (except primary producers) may deduct capital expenditure under these UCA rules only if the expenditure is not part of the cost of a depreciating asset. Primary producers who are STS taxpayers can choose to deduct certain depreciating assets under the UCA rules see STS taxpayers.

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