Appendix 1: Financial services industry codes



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The relevant industry code must be an accurate description of your main business activity. Your main business activity is the activity from which your business derived the highest gross income. For example, if you are the head entity of an income tax consolidated group whose only source of income is dividends from the shares you hold in your subsidiaries, your main business activity would be the activity from which the income tax consolidated group derived the highest gross income.

Business industry code

Industry sub-heading

Industry activity


Central banking

Central bank operation


Depository financial intermediation

Bank operation

Development bank operation

Savings bank operation

Trading bank operation


Depository financial intermediation

Building societies

Permanent building society operation


Depository financial intermediation

Credit unions


Depository financial intermediation

Finance company operation

Money market dealers


Non-depository financing

Financing nec

Terminating building society operation


Financial asset investing

Corporate unit trusts - assessed as companies

Friendly society operation

Holding company operation - ie holding shares in subsidiary companies

Investment association operation

Investment company operation

Investment operation - own account

Public trading trust operation - assessed as companies

Unit trust - corporate operation, assessed as companies

Unit trust - public trading operation, assessed as companies

Unit trust operation - except corporate and public trading trusts


Life insurance

Life insurance provision


Health and general insurance

Funeral benefit provision

Health insurance


Health and general insurance

Accident insurance provision

Fire insurance provision

General insurance

Household insurance

Insurance - accident, house, marine and general

Motor vehicle insurance

Third-party insurance

Travel insurance provision

Workers' compensation insurance


Auxiliary finance and investment services

Commodity futures broking or dealing

Financial asset broking service

Mortgage broking service

Stockbroking or trading


Auxiliary finance and investment services

Credit card administration service

Executor service

Financial service nec

Nominee service

Portfolio investment management services

Security valuation service

Share registry operation

Superannuation fund management service - on a fee or commission basis

Trustee service


Auxiliary insurance services

Actuarial service

Claim assessment service

Insurance agency service

Insurance broking service

Insurance consultant service

Investing in patents and copyrights

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