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  • Section C: Payer details

    Australian business number (ABN) or withholding payer number (WPN)

    As a payer, you must have either an ABN or WPN.

    Show your ABN or WPN as it appears on your activity statement.

    For example show an ABN of 12 345 678 912 as:

    Example of the completed 'ABN or WPN' field on the form.

    Branch number

    If your business has one ABN and multiple branches, each branch has an individual branch number. Show your branch number in the boxes provided. If you do not have a branch number, leave the boxes blank.


    Show your name as it appears on your activity statement. For example, show ABC Pty Ltd as:

    Example of the completed 'Name' field on the form.


    Only you as the payer or a person authorised to sign on your behalf can sign. You can print or type the name of the person authorised to sign the form. You must keep details of the authorised person with your records.

    For details about the personal information we collect from you see Privacy notice – PAYG payment summary – business and personal services income.

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