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  • How to complete this form

    To complete this form you must:

    • write each letter in a separate box
    • use a black pen
    • use BLOCK LETTERS.

    You do not have to complete every field. For example, where an amount has not been paid or withheld, leave those boxes blank.

    Show all amounts in whole dollars – do not show cents. For example, show an amount of $122.76 as $122.

    Find out about:

    Avoiding common errors

    Common errors and correct actions

    Types of common errors

    Action to take

    Do not report negative amounts.

    To amend a previous year's payment summary, see Amending payment summaries.

    Do not report amounts containing a decimal point.

    Do not report cents at any label. Simply drop the cents from any amount before you enter it on the payment summary.

    Do not provide a payment summary containing all zeros.

    If you have not paid the payee any withholding payments throughout the year, you do not need to give them a payment summary.

    At Payment summary for year ending 30 June, do not show the year as anything but a four-digit figure.

    Show the year as a four-digit figure. For example, show the year ending 30 June 2019 as 2019 (and not 19).

    Last modified: 07 Apr 2021QC 19550