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  • Application for payment of wine equalisation tax rebate by an approved New Zealand participant

    Access a printable version of this form, Application for payment of WET rebate by an approved NZ participant (NAT 14199, PDF 342kB)This link will download a file.

    Submitting your application

    Before you submit this form you must be approved as an eligible New Zealand participant for a wine equalisation tax (WET) rebate and have your Excise Identification Number (EIN). For information on how to obtain an application form for approval as a New Zealand participant, please refer to the More information section at the end of this form.

    You must also include original documentary evidence to support your claim with this application. It will be returned to you after processing. Copies of documentation are not acceptable. For an explanation of what documentary evidence must be included to support your claim read the fact sheet Wine equalisation tax - producer rebate for New Zealand wine producers (PDF, 87.6kB)This link will download a file.

    If you need further assistance please phone the New Zealand Inland Revenue (NZIR) on 0800 377 774.

    When completed, sign the declaration, and mail your application and supporting documentation to:

    WET Rebate
    PO Box 33150
    Takapuna NZ 0740

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