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  • How to complete your application

    NZIR number and excise identification number

    You cannot apply until you have a NZIR and excise identification number (EIN):

    Only then can you lodge this application.

    See also:

    Financial years of the dealings

    A financial year for the purpose of a WET rebate claim means a period of twelve months beginning 1 July (the Australian financial year).

    Your claims can relate to more than one financial year.

    How much is your total WET rebate claim?

    You have to attach original documents that show how you worked out your claim.

    You may choose to use our Calculation sheet or provide all the same details in a different format.

    Total WET rebate claim

    We do not process claims if the total amount is less than $200. You can add together several smaller claims to reach $200. You can also claim for more than one financial year.

    Next steps:

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