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  • Part C: Government grants and recoupments other than CRC program grants



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

    End of attention

    (relevant to Australian owned and foreign owned R&D)

    Item 1

    Entitlement to government grants and recoupments for the financial year that relate to activities and projects claimed above

    At P item 1 write the total amount of relevant Australian government recoupments of, or grants received in respect of, expenditure on R&D for which the company is claiming the R&D tax concession (for Australian owned or foreign owned R&D) in the 2009 year of income. Exclude amounts received under CRC programs.

    Note: The clawback provisions (section 73C of the ITAA 1936) may operate on these amounts to reduce your entitlement to the additional 25% concession in respect of relevant expenditure on Australian owned R&D. For instructions on the application of the clawback provisions, see Research and development tax concession.

    Expenditure to which clawback applies should be shown in the 'Claimable at 100%' column in part A of the research and development tax concession schedule for Australian owned R&D activities (column 2). Include any income from grants in the Company tax return 2009 at Income, Q Assessable government industry payments item 6 Calculation of total profit or loss.

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