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Print at A to M the gross total of the contributions received by the SMSF in 2014–15 for each member.

Do not reduce the amount that you write at A to M by (for example) allowances for taxes and fees.

Include contributions that the SMSF received in 2014–15 even if:

  • some or all of those contributions had been      
    • transferred or rolled over to another fund in 2014–15
    • paid to the member as a super lump sum or income stream in 2014–15
  • the SMSF was wound up in 2014–15.

Do not include amounts credited to accounts but not yet received on 30 June 2015. Declare all amounts received after 30 June 2015 in the annual return for the year in which the SMSF actually received the contribution.

You must write contributions amounts at the correct questions so we can determine your members' eligibility for super co-contributions or low income super contributions, and accurately determine your member's excess concessional contributions, excess non-concessional contributions and liability for Division 293 tax.

The contributions and related questions in Section F and Section G are:

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