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  • X Forestry managed investment scheme income



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    Did the SMSF earn income from a forestry managed investment scheme (FMIS)?


    Leave X blank. Go to D1 and D.


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    Write at X the SMSF's income from all FMISs. The amount at X should not be reduced by any loss or outgoing related to the income.

    You can read more about calculating FMIS income at Forestry managed investment schemes.

    If you include an amount at X that is exempt current pension income, include it also at Y Exempt current pension income.

    Do not include capital gains from an FMIS at X; include these capital gains when working out the SMSF's net capital gain to show at A Net capital gain.

    For more information on the CGT treatment of the SMSF’s forestry interests, see Capital gains tax.

    If the SMSF is a member of a collapsed agribusiness managed investment scheme, see Collapse and restructure of agribusiness managed investment schemes – participant information.

    Example: Forestry managed investment scheme income

    In 2016–17, SMSF X had an investment with an FMIS. SMSF X received a statement from the FMIS. The statement shows that SMSF X's share of income from the FMIS during 2016–17 was $10,000.

    SMSF X reports:

    X Forestry managed investment scheme income in Section B $10,000

    Write the SMSF's share of any expenses at U1 or U2 Forestry managed investment scheme expenses in Section C.

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