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  • Self-managed superannuation fund annual return instructions 2023

    Use these instructions to complete the self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) annual return 2023.

    About the SMSF annual return
    How these instructions will help you to complete the SMSF annual return.

    How to lodge and pay
    How to lodge the SMSF annual return and the payment options available.

    What’s new?
    Find out what's new or has changed before lodging your SMSF annual return.

    Instructions to complete your annual return.
    Instructions for completing the SMSF annual return. You must complete at least 6 sections (A, C, D, (F and/or G), H, K).

    Additional information to help complete certain sections of your Self-managed superannuation fund annual return.

    Last modified: 03 Jul 2023QC 72625