• Section G: Employer details

    If the member has more than one employer, show the employer that has made the highest value of contributions

    57 ABN

    Provide the ABN of the member’s employer.

    58 Registered business name

    Provide the full registered business name of the member’s employer.

    59 Trading name

    Provide the full trading name of the member’s employer.

    60 Address


    Provide the full business address of the member’s employer.


    End of attention

    Section H: declarations

    Read the declaration. If all the information you have provided is true and correct, print your full name, then sign and date the declaration.

    If a superannuation supplier, such as an administrator or a tax agent, is completing this statement on behalf of a provider both declarations must be completed.

    If the provider is lodging the MCS on its own behalf, the ‘Supplier declaration’ does not need to be completed.

    Get it done

    Send the completed MCS to us at:

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 3333
    PENRITH  NSW  2740
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    Find out more

    For more information about the MCS, or to obtain a copy of our publications:

    • contact us
    • call 13 10 20 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday
    • write to us at
      Australian Taxation Office
      PO Box 3100
      PENRITH  NSW  2740
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