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  • Who should complete this form

    You should complete this form if all of the following apply:

    • you are an Australian resident transferring your entire entitlement in a foreign super fund to a complying Australian super fund
    • you receive your super entitlement more than six months after becoming an Australian resident or terminating your foreign employment
    • the entitlement being transferred includes earnings in the foreign fund, accumulated since you became an Australian resident, that would have been assessable in your Australian tax return (that is, you would have paid tax on that amount at your marginal tax rate)
    • you want to have your Australian super fund pay income tax on some or all of these earnings instead (a super fund generally pays 15% tax).

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    You can make this choice up until the day you lodge your tax return for the year of the transfer (or if you do not need to lodge a tax return, the day you would have been required to lodge your tax return). This applies unless the governing rules of your Australian super fund require you to make a choice earlier. You make this choice by completing this form. You cannot revoke or vary your choice after the form is provided to your super fund.

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    For more information about the tax treatment of transfers from foreign super funds, refer to Tax treatment of transfers from foreign super funds (NAT 11725).

    Last modified: 19 Jul 2012QC 19311