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  • Trust tax return instructions 2023

    Use these instructions to help you complete the Trust tax return 2023 (NAT 0660).

    About these instructions
    How these instructions will help you to complete the trust tax return.

    What’s new?
    Find out what's new or any changes in legislation that need to be taken into consideration when lodging the tax return.

    Instructions to complete the trust tax return
    Instructions for how to complete the Trust tax return 2023.

    How to lodge and pay
    How to lodge and pay the Trust tax return.

    Get the information and schedules that you may need to complete and attach to your tax return.

    Use the worksheets to help you work out amounts to include in the Trust tax return.

    Find additional information to help you understand and complete certain sections of your Trust tax return.

    General information
    Find information to support your lodgment, administration and record-keeping requirements.

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