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  • Trustee declaration

    About this form

    Declaration used by trustees and directors of corporate trustees (trustees) of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to ensure they understand their obligations and responsibilities.

    How to obtain this form

    You can download this form in Portable Document Format (PDF) – download Trustee declaration (NAT 71089, PDF, 315 KB)


    All trustees and directors of corporate trustees (trustees) of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) are required to sign a trustee declaration. The declaration aims to ensure that new trustees understand their obligations and responsibilities.

    The declaration lists key matters that you must understand in order to effectively manage an SMSF, including information about:

    • the sole purpose test
    • trustee duties
    • investment restrictions
    • record-keeping, reporting and lodgement obligations

    Make sure you read Key messages for self-managed super fund trustees – it highlights some of the key points from the declaration and some important messages for you. We recommend you refer to it when making important decisions, such as those relating to choosing investments, accepting contributions and paying benefits.

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    Who should complete this declaration?

    You must complete this declaration if you become a trustee of:

    • a new SMSF
    • an existing SMSF.

    This declaration must be signed within 21 days of becoming a trustee.

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    A separate declaration is required to be completed and signed by each and every trustee.

    You must also complete this declaration if you:

    • have undertaken an ATO approved course of education in compliance with an education direction
    • are a legal personal representative who has been appointed as trustee on behalf of a:  
      • member who is under a legal disability (usually a member under 18 years old)
      • member for whom you hold an enduring power of attorney
      • deceased member.

    This declaration must be signed within 21 days of completion of an education course or being appointed as trustee.

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    Before completing this declaration

    Before you complete and sign this declaration, make sure you:

    • read each section
    • understand all the information it contains.


    If you have any difficulties completing this declaration or you do not fully understand the information it contains:

    • speak to a professional adviser
    • visit
    • phone us on 13 10 20.
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    When completing this declaration

    When you complete this declaration, remember to:

    • insert the full name of the fund at the beginning
    • sign and date it
    • ensure it is signed and dated by a witness (anyone 18 years old or over).

    What you should do with the declaration

    You must keep your completed declaration for at least 10 years and make it available to us if we request it.


    Do not send your completed declaration to us.

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    More information

    Find out more

    Self-managed super funds - home.

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