Section B: Provider details

Provide details of the provider of the unclaimed superannuation money or former temporary resident accounts.

Question 7
Tax file number (TFN)  

Provide the provider’s TFN.

Question 8

Provide the provider’s ABN.

Question 9

Provide the provider’s current full name.

Question 10
Previous name  

Provide the previous full name of the provider.

Only provide this if the name of the provider has changed since their last super lodgment was submitted – for example:

  • a member contributions statement
  • a member exit statement
  • an assessment variation advice
  • a payment variation advice.

Question 11
Branch number  

Provide the branch number if the provider making the report has more than one location.

Question 12
Street address  

Provide the provider’s street address, not a post office box.

Question 13
Postal address  

Provide the provider’s postal address.

If this is the same as the street address, write ‘as above’.

Question 14
Address for service of notices  

Place an ‘X’ in the applicable box, depending on whether you want notices sent to the provider or supplier.

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If a preference is not indicated, we will send correspondence to the supplier.

Question 15
Contact details  

Provide the name, phone number and email for the nominated contact person who may be contacted if we have any questions about the information provided in this USM statement.

Question 16
Type of superannuation provider  

Place an ‘X’ in the applicable box. Only one option can be selected.

Question 17
Your reference  

Provide a reference that will help you identify this USM statement if we need to contact you about information supplied in it.

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