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  • Section D: Member details

    It is important the information provided is accurate. If multiple members need to be reported for a specific reporting period, you must complete sections D, E, F and G for each member using Unclaimed superannuation money statement – additional members (NAT 71864A).

    Question 25
    Member’s TFN  

    Provide the member’s TFN.

    If reporting former temporary resident USM in response to a notification received from us, the member's TFN you provide must match the TFN in the notification.

    Question 26
    Temporary resident notification number  

    Provide the temporary resident notification number sent to the super provider that this lodgment is responding to.

    This question must only be completed if the member is being reported in response to a temporary resident notification. If you answer this question, then the only valid responses to question 36 are R, D, T, F, I, C, A, B and E.

    Question 27

    Provide the member’s full name.

    Question 28
    Previous name  

    Provide details of the member’s previous name if their name has changed.

    Question 29

    Provide the member’s last known residential address.

    Question 30
    Previous address  

    Provide the member’s previous residential address, if available.

    Question 31
    Phone number  

    Provide the member’s last known phone number.

    Question 32

    Place an ‘X’ in the applicable box.

    Question 33
    Date of birth  

    Provide the member’s date of birth.

    If only a year of birth is known (for example, 1976), report the date of birth in the format 00/00/1976.

    Question 34
    Has the date of birth been deemed?  

    Place an ‘X’ in the applicable box.

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