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  • You and your shares 2019

    You and your shares 2019 (NAT 2632) is available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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    About this guide

    You and your shares 2019 (NAT 2632) helps people who hold shares or bonds as an investment to understand their tax obligations. It covers:

    • how dividends received by Australian resident and non-resident individuals are taxed, and
    • the type of expenses you may be able to claim against dividend income.

    If you acquired shares after 19 September 1985, capital gains tax (CGT) may apply when you dispose of them.

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    Who should use this guide?

    Use this guide if you are an individual taxpayer who holds shares or bonds as an investment.

    This guide will also help people who carry on a business of trading in shares. However, it does not deal with the specific taxation of shares held as trading stock or with the profits or losses arising from the disposal of such shares. If you need further advice on these aspects of owning shares, contact us or a recognised tax adviser.

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