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  • Reach Out – Indigenous business support project pilot

    Reach Out – our Indigenous business support project pilot is designed to identify the unique needs of Indigenous small businesses and help them meet their tax and superannuation obligations.

    The pilot is one of several Australian Government initiatives introduced to increase economic participation of Indigenous Australians and to help more Indigenous people build sustainable businesses that will support themselves, their families and their communities.

    The pilot aims to:

    • improve the business and financial acumen of Indigenous business owners making it easier for them to take part in the tax and super systems
    • provide tailored support and education to Indigenous small businesses to build their business, financial literacy and raise awareness about managing their obligations
    • recognise the economic importance of the Indigenous small businesses
    • build a connection with the Indigenous community to work together to support and influence indigenous business
    • build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous partners and other Government and non-government agencies
    • provide career development opportunities for our Indigenous staff  and develop cultural awareness in all ATO staff.

    The Reach Out pilot is one step we are taking to support Indigenous small businesses and develop its staff to drive change for Indigenous small businesses, people and communities. 

    If you’re running an Indigenous small business and want to know more about the Reach Out – Indigenous business support project pilot, email us at

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