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  • What if you have multiple licences?

    When industries restructure several original licences may collapse into fewer new licences or conditions in the original licence may be split over several licences to recognise the different aspects of the authorised activity.

    Where you have multiple licences, the rollover requires that:

    • at least some of your original licences end
    • your new licence or licences be issued as part of a single arrangement.


    William’s farm is on two land titles. There are several bores on each title. William holds separate groundwater licences for each bore across the two land titles.

    The water authority:

    • restructures groundwater access licensing across the region    
      • cancels William’s existing groundwater licences
      • issues one water access licence for each land title.

    William can roll over his capital gain on each licence because:

    • each new licence replaces one or more of the original licences (a clear connection)
    • both sets of licences relate to extracting water (a substantially similar activity).
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