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  • Cyber Security Stakeholder Group

    The Cyber Security Stakeholder Group (CSSG) are investigating methods to improve cyber security in their organisations and implementing strategies to combat emerging cyber security threats.

    The CSSG brings together key stakeholders from tax professional associations, government and industry bodies to:

    • maintain a strong relationship between connected stakeholders delivering services via increasingly digital channels in the tax and superannuation systems
    • understand cyber security as a shared responsibility and contribute to stronger defences and quicker responses.

    The Government’s Cyber Security Strategy notes “…all of us – governments, businesses, communities and individuals – need to tackle cyber security threats to make the most of online opportunities…for a new way forward, one that is creative, collaborative and adaptable.”

    The CSSG was previously known as the Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG). As a collective group the CSWG produced key materials that assist the community in understanding their cyber landscape and strengthening their cyber hygiene practices, including:

    The ATO consultation protocol underpins our consultation framework arrangements.

    Contact details

    The secretariat of the Cyber Security Stakeholder Group can be contacted by email at


    In addition to the ATO, the CSSG includes members from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Institute of Public Accountants, CPA Australia, ABSIA, KPMG, and the Tax Practitioners Board.

    The Cyber Security Stakeholder Group will include representatives from:

    • relevant business areas within the Australian Taxation Office
    • tax professional bodies - based on capacity and expertise to contribute
    • Tax Practitioners Board
    • digital service provider bodies
    • Government cyber security organisations.

    The group will invite other representatives of relevant industry bodies or individuals that can contribute the group based on the activity of the group at a particular time.

    The Cyber Security Stakeholder Group is jointly chaired by the Assistant Commissioner, Information and Cyber Security EST and a non-ATO representative nominated by non-ATO members.

    Key messages

    For older key messages or minutes from this group, email us at

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