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  • Fuel Schemes Stakeholder Group

    The purpose of the Fuel Schemes Stakeholder Group (FSSG) is to facilitate ongoing, two-way communication on fuel tax credits issues between the ATO, relevant business groups, statutory bodies, and government departments, to ensure the making of good administrative decisions that are accepted by the community. The group is chaired by Assistant Commissioner Rajitha Srikhanta.

    The ATO consultation protocol underpins our consultation framework arrangements.

    Contact details

    The secretariat of the FSSG can be contacted by email at Indirect Tax Forums Support.


    Industry members are drawn from peak bodies representing industries whose operations render them eligible for fuel tax credits, or fuel grants relating to the manufacture, distribution or use of alternative fuels.

    ATO members and members of other government departments such as the Treasury, the Department of the Environment and Energy and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development are selected on the basis that their responsibilities include fuel tax credit and alternative fuels.

    All members have an understanding of the fuel tax transfer systems in operation enabling fruitful discussions and are committed to improving the administration and operation of the tax systems into the future.


    Minutes of FSSG meetings held in the past three years are available below:

    For prior minutes or key messages, email and specify what you require.

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