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    • [201804] Lodgment legislative instruments
    • [201802] Irritants in the ATO debt experience [NEW]
    • [201774] Moving edited versions of private advice to the Legal Database [NEW]
    • [201655] Improving digital services for tax practitioners [UPDATED]

    [201804] Lodgment legislative instruments

    Registered: February 2018

    Expected completion: March 2018


    Feedback is sought on two draft legislative instruments and their draft explanatory statements which are available on the ATO Legal Database until 2 March 2018.


    To seek feedback on two draft 2018 lodgment legislative instruments and their draft explanatory statements:


    Each year, the Commissioner of Taxation registers two legislative instruments on the Federal Register of LegislationExternal Link outlining return lodgment requirements and the date by which they must be lodged.

    These two draft legislative instruments have been significantly updated in 2018 to reflect contemporary legislative drafting policy and style. As part of this update, changes have been made to reduce the number of tables and streamline the content while undertaking a thorough review of the technical aspects. The update to style and format of the two draft legislative instruments supplement this technical review. They are not intended to change any existing requirements to lodge a return. Supplementary information has been categorised to assist readability.

    The changes are not intended to alter the current meaning or operation of the two legislative instruments.

    The two corresponding draft explanatory statements have also been updated with considerable changes made to structure, content and format.

    Who we are consulting

    We are consulting broadly with the community through the publication of the two draft legislative instruments and their explanatory statements on the ATO Legal Database.


    Julie Czekierda, Senior technical advisor telephone (07) 3213 6167

    [201802] Irritants in the ATO debt experience

    Registered: January 2018

    Expected completion: May 2018


    The consultation group participated in a workshop on 1 February 2018. Key messages will be sent to profession association representatives shortly for distribution to their members.


    To work through the ATO debt experience with tax professionals and key ATO stakeholders to understand and develop a shared solution for systemic irritants.


    Working together we will analyse the debt experience and processes for tax professionals and identify pain points as well as what is working well. For each of the pain points we will brainstorm the ‘problem’ in order to understand the underlying issues.

    The aim is to identify possible changes that could be made to people, process technology, and law for the desired outcomes to be realised.

    Who we are consulting

    Tax practitioner members of the Professional Services Reference Group.


    Sylvia Gallagher, Director - Intermediaries Experience, Intermediaries and Lodgment telephone (02) 6216 6404

    [201774] Moving edited versions of private advice to the Legal Database

    Registered: December 2017

    Expected completion: February 2018


    Consultation is open via the PAG CommunityExternal Link on Let’s Talk.


    To seek feedback on the relocation of edited versions of private advice from the Register of Private Binding Rulings (Register) to the ATO Legal database, along with proposed timeframes for archival and deletion of the edited versions.


    Edited versions (EVs) of private ATO advice have traditionally been available from the Register. Based on feedback received, they are now available in the ATO Legal database.

    Making EVs available in the Legal database:

    • provides improved search functionality
    • means EVs are available alongside other advice and guidance products, such as tax determinations and rulings, enabling users to search for EVs and other advice and guidance products in one place.

    To ensure that any search results are useful and relevant, EVs on the Legal database have been:

    • archived if more than four years old (these are still available through a search of archived content)
    • removed if more than ten years old.

    Edited versions will continue to be available through the Register for a limited period while we consult on the relocation and these parameters.

    Who we are consulting

    Consultation is open to practitioners and the community generally via the PAG CommunityExternal Link on Let’s Talk.


    Joanna Wilson, Director, Tax Counsel Network telephone (02) 6216 1657

    [201655] Improving Digital Services for tax practitioners

    Registered: September 2016

    Expected completion: June 2018


    Beta testing of the new Online Services for agents has commenced with an initial small group of participants consisting of tax and BAS agents. The number of participants will steadily increase over the coming weeks.

    We are working with digital service providers to co-design and promote the benefits of consuming our services to support a high take-up rate. We have created a new Operational FrameworkExternal Link to mitigate the risk and strengthen the security of our services being consumed in the e-commerce environment.


    To co-design, plan and test products developed in the Improving Digital Services project through a range of integrated and innovative activities before communicating and releasing to the wider tax professional community.


    The Improving Digital Services project will transition services from the ATO Tax and BAS Agent Portals to a contemporary platform – ATO Online. Agents will have significantly improved services, including redesigned functionality and some enhancements directly from the ATO.

    Digital service providers will be able to include similar functionality in their software products if they choose, along with some additional functionality not available from the ATO.

    The ATO will co-design and consult on features as they are developed, including private and public beta testing

    Who we are consulting

    We are consulting with:


    Sonia Corsini, Project Manager, Improved Digital Services, Intermediaries and Lodgement, telephone: (08) 8208 1026

    Allan Gaskill, Change Manager, Improved Digital Services, Intermediaries and Lodgement, telephone (03) 8343 7760

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