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  • Planned consultation

    Advice and guidance

    In addition to potential advice and guidance currently open for consultation, we plan to seek comment on the following items in September and October 2020. This list is subject to change.

    September 2020

    • [3987] Retention of refunds on outstanding notifications
    • [4005] Expenses associated with vacant land

    October 2020

    • [3756] Deduction for work-related travel expenses
    • [3922] Research and development building exclusion
    • [3929] Research and development – expenditure not at risk
    • [3991] Professional firms - allocation of profit guidelines and Everett assignment
    • [3997] GST – adjustable beds
    • [3998] GST – cross-border legislative amendments
    • [3901] Related party financing - interest free loans

    If you are concerned about the delay in the delivery of particular pieces of public advice and guidance, email us at

    Matters under consideration

    There are currently no matters under consideration.

    If you would like us to consult on a specific issue or topic, complete our Matter for consultation form.

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