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  • Tax, Super + You

    Tax, Super + You is a complete learning management system for Australian secondary school students and teachers. It includes fun and interactive elements and helps teach students about tax and superannuation.

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    Developing Tax, Super + You

    Tax, Super + You is a teaching resource for secondary school students and teachers. It was developed to educate our future taxpayers on the value of the tax and superannuation systems and what their role in them is.

    We worked with the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA) to map Tax, Super + You to the Australian curriculum. The resource primarily supports the curriculum in the learning areas of:

    • economics and business
    • civics and citizenship
    • mathematics.

    Tax, Super + You is a free, easy to use online educational resource.

    Its key features include:

    • in-built assessments that record student achievements and progress, reducing teacher administration
    • teaching notes and lesson plans for teachers to prepare and deliver to classes
    • fun, animated, visual, interactive elements designed to appeal to students
    • adaptable modules and activities
    • printable teacher resources and activities.

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    How to use Tax, Super + You

    Tax, Super + You is a complete learning management system that can be used by:

    • students to learn at a pace suited to their learning style and ability
    • teachers to assign the resource as an extra-curricular activity.

    The content is aligned with the Australian curriculum and linkages can be explored using resources available on the Tax, Super + YouExternal Link website.

    The Tax, Super + You resource is divided into the following four modules.

    Tax 101: understanding tax

    This module introduces students to the Australian tax system. It addresses the:  

    • who, what, how and why of tax
    • budget and how tax is spent.

    Your tax

    This module introduces personal tax topics like:  

    • when you need to pay tax
    • how much tax to pay
    • completing your tax return.

    Business tax

    This module covers basic business tax concepts for students studying subjects like commerce and economics. It looks at:  

    • what is a business
    • business structures
    • types of taxes businesses pay.


    This module explains the Australian superannuation system and how super helps you save for your future.

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    Tax, Super + You competition

    The Tax, Super + You competition is a fun and creative way for students in Years 7–12 to learn about tax and super. It's also an engaging way to incorporate the Tax, Super + You resources into your classroom lesson plan.

    By entering the competition, not only will students learn about tax and super, but they will have a chance to win a share of $7,600 in prizes for themselves and their schools.

    In 2021, the Tax, Super + You competition is split into two entry categories, Junior (Year 7–9) and Senior (Year 10–12). Students entries should highlight their entry topic in a fun and creative way. The entry topics are:

    • Junior – highlights the value of tax or super (or both) in the community
    • Senior – your first job and what you need to know about tax and super.

    This year the competition will be open from 24 May to 13 August 2021.

    Keep an eye on the Tax, Super + You website for more information.

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    Feedback and more information

    We welcome feedback about Tax, Super + You and any suggestions you have, so we can improve the resource.

    For more information, including updates and participating in teacher professional development, email us at

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