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  • Cloud software authentication and authorisation

    We have simplified the way businesses and registered agents authenticate and interact with us and other government agencies when using Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled online cloud software.

    Interacting with us

    An online software solution is now available through software providers:

    • ensuring compliant, secure and streamlined transactions – online anytime from any device
    • eliminating the need for businesses or registered agents that use SBR-enabled online software to register for, upload or maintain an AUSkey to secure transactions with us
    • enabling you to notify us of your hosted SBR software service so you can securely interact with us using cloud software
    • co-existing with existing online software solutions, including compatible desktop solutions.

    This change does not affect how you authenticate when you use your existing desktop software, or when you log in to the portals or other AUSkey-enabled services.

    Once you have subscribed to, or purchased SBR cloud-based software, you need to notify us of your hosted SBR software provider's details.

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    How to notify us

    To complete your one-off notification, you can either:

    • log in to Access Manager using your Administrator AUSkeyExternal Link or myGov credentials if you are the eligible associate or authorised staff of the business and follow the steps to notify us
    • phone 1300 85 22 32, prepared with the following information  
      • proof of record ownership (for example personal TFN, date of birth, address, recent ATO-generated notice)
      • your Australian business number (ABN), or if you are a registered tax agent you can use your registered agent number (RAN)
      • the name or ABN of your software provider
      • your unique software ID (provided by your software provider).

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to notify the ATO?

    If you have purchased or subscribed to hosted (cloud) SBR-enabled software, you must notify us once advised by the software provider you are using for transactions to and from the ATO. Check with your software provider for your own circumstances. You can contact us on 1300 85 22 32 for more information.

    Can I have more than one online software provider?

    Yes. You can have more than one online software provider.

    Can I have multiple software IDs?

    Yes. You can have multiple software IDs. Your software provider can advise you.

    If I complete a notification for hosted SBR software services will this affect any of my other accounting programs?

    No. Other programs can continue to be used. Check with your software provider on any specific changes relating to your individual programs.

    Do I still need an AUSkey?

    If you use services other than your cloud software, like the Business Portal, Online services for agents or the Tax Agent Portal you will still need your AUSkey. AUSkey can also be used to access other government services. If you are not moving to cloud-based services, you don't need to do anything at this time.

    Do all AUSkey and SBR users need to transition to the cloud?

    Only existing users of cloud software who had previously shared their AUSkey with their software provider need to move to this new solution. New users of cloud software can also use this solution to notify us of their software provider rather than needing to obtain and manage an AUSkey. Existing AUSkey users can continue to use existing AUSkey-enabled products such as portals and desktop software.

    Do agents need to complete a notification for each RAN?

    If a registered tax or BAS agent has multiple registered agent numbers (RANs), the notification applies to the ABN for the entire practice; you don't need to notify for each RAN.

    Do registered agents have the authority to complete the notification on behalf of their client?

    Yes. The agent can do the SSID notification on behalf of the employer regardless of whether they will be processing payroll/lodging the pay events.

    The SSID registered, must be for the party that will be lodging. If they think that both the agent and/or the employer may lodge at different times, there is the ability to register multiple SSIDs (i.e. the employers and the agents SSID).

    Can agents complete the notification on behalf of their own practice?

    Yes. A registered tax or BAS agent can complete the notification on behalf of their own practice.

    Why am I receiving an error when I lodge?

    Ensure the following are correct:

    • your tax agent ABN is the one you have linked to your agent number
    • your client's TFN/ABN is correct
    • where you have more than one ABN, you are using the right ABN (that is, the same ABN provided when completing your software provider notification or registered in Access Manager).

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    Can I use cloud software for other government agencies?

    Yes. This solution is a whole-of-government initiative, with other participating government agencies. Contact your software provider or agency to confirm participating agencies.

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