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  • Your guide to smarter searching

    Use these tips to help find content on our website quickly and easily:

    • Keep it simple – don't include common words such as ‘the’ and ‘it’ in your search.
    • One word says it all – variants of many words are automatically included in your search. For example, a search for 'apply' will return results containing 'applies', 'applying' and 'application'.
    • In any case – search is not case sensitive.

    Smart search terms get better results

    • Use a word or a phrase – whichever fits best.
    • General terms return general information, specific terms return specific information – so searching for ‘tax’ will give you more results than searching for ‘capital gains tax’.
    • Choose words carefully – for example, if you’re looking to invest in real estate, instead of searching for ‘buy a house’, try searching for ‘rental property’ or ‘investment property’.
    • Look for your search term in the A to Z list – this list provides key content in alphabetical order and may help you identify the best term to use in your search.
    • Look for search suggestions as they drop down – these are popular words or phrases other people have used to search our website.
    • Look for content suggestions – these appear for popular content items after the search suggestions. They are identified by "Take me straight to …"

    Other smart ways to search

    • Use a NAT number or Quick Code (QC) – we put NAT numbers on our print documents and QC codes on our web pages, so you can type these directly into the search area when looking for a form or document. For example, you can search ‘NAT 1006’ for the Fortnightly tax table or ‘QC 16161’ for the Tax File Number declaration.
    • Filter results to your circumstances – use the tabs next to 'All' to quickly find tools & calculators, rates & codes, forms & publications or legal database results related to your search.

    Search results showing the search field and the follow tabs: all, tools and calculators, rates and codes, forms and publication, legal database

    • Advanced search for ABN, forms, calculators, tax tables, media releases and order publications – if you search for one of these terms an advanced search box will pop up to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

    Still no luck? Try these smart strategies

    • Correct spelling – make sure you have spelt all search terms correctly.
    • Try different search terms – is there another way to describe the information you are searching for?
    • Try more general search terms – taking a step back can sometimes help clarify your search.
    • Check the breadcrumbs – at the end of each search result is a ‘breadcrumb trail’ you can use to find hints about whether the document is the one you need. For example, a search for ‘income tax return’ might give you a breadcrumb trail of ‘forms’ or ‘business/yearly-reports-and-returns’ or ‘non-profit/tax-statements-and-returns’.
    • Use bookmarks – if you know you will be using a specific page or form regularly you can add a bookmark, which will take you directly to the same page each time.

    Tell us what you think

    If your search results don’t meet your needs, you can let us know using the Provide feedback about this page link at the bottom of every search results page.

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