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  • Accessing our online services with a Basic myGovID

    If you're not able to set up a myGovID with a Standard or Strong identity strength, you can use a Basic myGovID to access Online services for business or Online services for agents. Your access will be restricted.

    You'll need to meet additional requirements to set up Basic access, including a proof-of-identity check.

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    Restrictions when using a Basic myGovID

    For security purposes, some restrictions apply if you have a Basic myGovID.

    These restrictions include what you can and can't do in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM), Online services for business and Online services for agents. These restrictions are related to activities that contain a higher risk.

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    Setting up Basic access to our online services

    These are the steps to access our online services with a Basic myGovID:

    1. Set up your Basic myGovID.
    2. Have an authorising representative authorise you in RAM.
    3. Complete proof of identity requirements.
    4. Have an 'authorising representative' set your permissions in RAM.

    1. Set up your Basic myGovID

    To set up your myGovIDExternal Link with a Basic identity strength, download the myGovID app and add your legal name, personal email address and date of birth.

    You can download the free myGovID app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    2. Have an 'authorising representative' authorise you in RAM

    An authorising representative has one of the following authorisation types in RAM:

    • principal authority
    • authorisation administrator
    • government representative
    • indirect associate
    • responsible authority.

    The authorising representative is usually the business owner or someone they've authorised to manage their business authorisations.

    They need to create a new authorisationExternal Link for you in RAM. The name they use to create your authorisation needs to match the name in your myGovID app.

    Once authorised, you will receive two emails:

    • An authorisation request and code to accept in RAM – you should accept this within seven days so that the code doesn't expire.
    • A request to complete proof of identity requirements – make sure you've accepted the authorisation request before completing this step. You can find more information about the proof of identity requirements below.

    3. Complete proof of identity requirements

    The way you complete the proof of identity requirements depends on whether you:

    If you have an Australian TFN

    Phone us to complete a proof of record ownership check and confirm your association with the business or entity. Have your TFN and Australian business number (ABN) details ready before you phone.

    If you're phoning from:

    • Australia – phone 1300 287 539 and select option 2 for myGovID enquiriesExternal Link  
    • overseas – phone +61 2 6216 1111 and ask to be transferred to myGovID enquiries between 8.00am and 5.00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

    All times are local time unless otherwise specified.

    If you don't have an Australian TFN

    Complete and send us the ATO use of Basic myGovID (NAT 75249, PDF, 182KB)This link will download a file form and attach copies of two certified identity documents. The name on these documents needs to match your name as displayed in the myGovID app. Refer to the form for a list of accepted documents.

    Once we've received and checked your documents, you'll receive a confirmation email.

    To find out about certifying your documents and language requirements, see Basic myGovID: proof of identity without a TFN.

    4. Have an 'authorising representative' set your permissions in RAM

    Once you've accepted your authorisation and completed the proof of identity requirements, your authorising representative receives an email with instructions to set your permissions in Access Manager. When this is complete, you can start using your myGovID.

    Your authorisation is only valid up to 12 months at a time. An authorising representative can renew your authorisationExternal Link. You won't need to complete proof of identity requirements again if your authorising representative renews your authorisation before it expires. You and your authorising representative will receive email notifications prior to it expiring.

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