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  • Account and payments in Online services for business

    The 'Accounts and payments' menu allows you to access a range of functions, including making payment plans, arranging transfers or refunds, or paying amounts due.

    On this page:

    View your accounts

    The accounts summary displays a complete list of accounts held with the ATO along with the payment reference number, any overdue amount and the account balance. You can view specific account types using the filter.

    To access an account, select Accounts and payments, then Account summary. Then select the relevant Account name linked.

    To filter the selected account:

    • select Filter, then
      • enter the date range – From date and To date
      • process date order – displays results in the order transactions were processed by ATO
      • effective date order – displays results in the order the transaction was effective on the account (for amended or revised activity statements, the effective date shown will be the date the original transaction was due) 
    • select Order date to sort from Newest or Oldest
    • select the check box to hide transactions which total to zero.
    • then click Filter to sort and view transactions

    You can also pay outstanding amounts using the payment options hyperlink and following the options.

    Payment plans

    You can make a payment plan online if the debt is under $100,000. At the Accounts and payments menu:

    • select Payment plans
    • select Add 
    • select account for payment plan and the amount
    • select payment method and frequency
    • enter payment date, upfront payment and instalments then select Calculate payment plan 
    • select Next and review the payment plan
    • select the declaration then Submit.

    You will receive a message with a receipt number once the plan has been submitted successfully.

    To pay a payment plan by direct debit (via bank account or credit/debit card), see Manage cards.

    For payment plans above $100,000, you will need to contact us.

    Watch: Create a payment plan

    Media: Create a payment plan Link (Duration: 2:29)

    Payment options

    From the Payments menu, you can:

    • view your payment options
    • obtain an electronic funds transfer (EFT) code.

    You can download and print a payment slip when you access the payments screen from a specific account (for example, an activity statement account).

    To pay by credit or debit card for amounts between $1 and $20,000,000:

    • select credit or debit card
    • filter by amount type (debit balance, overdue, or all)
    • check the box beside the appropriate account in the Account details screen (the pre-filled amount to pay can be changed to any payment amount)
    • type your card details
    • choose to save the card details for future payments, this will not create a direct debit.

    Maintain your cards for future payments by selecting Manage card details from the Profile menu. From here you can:

    • view your stored cards
    • add up to three cards for future use
    • update stored card details
    • delete stored cards.

    Note: Storing a card for future payments does not set up a direct debit arrangement.

    To pay by BPAY®:

    • your electronic fund transfer (EFT) code is needed to pay an account or you can quote the EFT code as your customer reference number (the EFT code is different for each account)
    • select BPAY from the Payment screen
    • at Account details, all valid accounts are listed with payment reference numbers
    • the Biller code is at the bottom of the screen.

    To pay by direct debit:

    • select Other payment methods from the Payment screen
    • all applicable accounts will be displayed along with the payment reference number and the account balance.

    ATO account details are displayed on the screen and can be printed.


    To request a transfer of a credit balance between accounts, select Accounts and payments > Transfer request.


    To request a refund of a credit balance on an account, select Accounts and payments > Refund request.

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