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  • Approved SMSF auditors in Online services for business

    Online services for business allows approved self-managed super fund (SMSF) auditors to lodge the following documents online:

    • audit complete advice (ACA)
    • auditor/actuary contravention report (ACR).

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    On this page:

    Lodge an auditor/actuary contravention report

    To lodge an auditor/actuary contravention report:

    • select the Lodgments menu
    • select Reports and forms
    • select Auditor contravention report
    • select Prepare to start a new report or Resume to return to a previously saved report
    • complete all mandatory fields on the form
      • at 'Events – reporting an event'
        • select Add to report an event, you can report up to six events
        • answer 'Event started before the audit period' 
        • type the start date of event
        • complete 'Describe the event and mitigating factors' 
        • answer 'Contraventions fully rectified or trustees plan to fully rectify them' 
        • enter 'Estimated completion date or date contraventions fully rectified'
        • if applicable, complete 'Planned or taken steps to rectify the contraventions' 
      • at Contraventions
        • select from the sections or regulations contravened drop-down menu
        • if applicable, enter the maximum value of the contravention or regulation
        • answer 'Contravention or regulation fully rectified?'
        • if applicable, enter the outstanding value
        • if applicable, add another contravention
        • when finished select Save  
      • Events – other questions
        • if applicable, answer the 'SMSF’s financial position' question
        • if applicable, complete 'On what information did you base your opinion?'
        • if applicable, answer 'Additional information'
        • if applicable, complete 'Provide details'
        • select Next  
      • Summary
        • To print a draft copy of the ACR, select the 'Print friendly version' button before submitting.
        • Check the declaration.
        • Select Submit

    Forms can be saved and completed within 90 days.

    When the form is submitted successfully, a receipt number will be displayed and you can choose to print or save a copy of the submitted form.

    Note: you will NOT be able to access a copy of the form after leaving this page.

    Lodge an audit complete advice

    To lodge an audit complete advice:

    • at the Lodgments menu
    • select Reports and forms
    • select Audit complete advice
    • complete the mandatory information on the form
      • select the financial year of audit
      • fund details
        • type the fund’s ABN
        • select Search, the fund’s name will be populated 
      • auditor details
        • auditor’s first name
        • auditor’s last name
        • SMSF auditor number
        • phone number
        • mobile number
        • auditor's postal address 
    • select the declaration and Submit.

    Complete and lodge bulk audit complete advices

    To complete the 'audit complete advice' bulk template:

    • download the template (XLSX, 352KB)This link will download a file to your device
    • complete the mandatory information on the template
      • auditor details
        • audit firm name
        • audit firm ABN
        • first name
        • last name
        • phone or mobile number
        • auditor address
        • SMSF auditor number 
      • fund details
        • the fund ABN of SMSF you audited
        • name of SMSF
        • audit year
        • audit completion date 
      • save the template as 'xls' or 'xlsx' (do not convert the completed template to a PDF). 

    To lodge a bulk audit complete advice:

    • at the Communication menu
    • select Secure mail from the drop-down menu
    • select New at the inbox
    • select the topic – Superannuation
    • select the subject – Approved SMSF Auditor ACA bulk lodgment
    • complete the mandatory information in the secure mail
    • attach the completed audit complete advice bulk template
    • type your email address
    • type your contact details
    • select the declaration and Send.

    You will receive a receipt number once the mail is successfully sent.

    There is no requirement for bulk lodgments in instances where an audit complete advice has been lodged. Bulk ACAs are only required where an audit complete advice has not been lodged.

    Last modified: 05 Jul 2021QC 65243