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  • Email notification

    When you lodge or test a file you can choose to receive an email notification when the validation report is available:

    • select File transfer Lodge file in the left menu of the portal.
    • select Yes for email notification and enter an address.
    • test or lodge your file.

    You can opt out of this service at any time – simply change the option to No the next time you test or lodge a file.

    Choosing an email address

    The notification email address is recorded for your organisation rather than for a specific user within the organisation. Only one email address can be stored.

    If multiple people in your organisation will be using file transfer, it may be best to use a group email address that all users can access. Alternatively, the notification email address can be updated each time a file is submitted for testing or lodgment.

    • If someone in your organisation has previously opted to receive notifications, the email address they entered will be shown.
    • If the email address is changed, the new address will be used for all notifications, including for any file validations in progress (which may have been requested by other users in your organisation) and files that we subsequently send through file transfer.
    • If you use your personal email address, any reports sent by us through file transfer will go to your personal email address, not the organisation’s address.
    • Notifications can be sent only by email. SMS notification is not available at this time.
      Last modified: 11 Jul 2018QC 26853