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  • Lodging your activity statement online

    Individuals and sole traders with a myGov account linked to the ATO can lodge, view and revise their activity statements using our online services through their myGov account. Lodging your activity statement online is a quick, easy and secure way for you to prepare and lodge.

    Benefits of lodging online

    Lodging your activity statement electronically means you:

    • can lodge at a time that's convenient to you as it's available 24/7
    • may receive an additional two weeks to lodge and pay your activity statement – see our two-week deferral offer
    • can review your activity statement before lodging and check that the amount calculated equals what you expect to pay or receive.

    You can manage your activity statements and PAYG instalments electronically from any device. Simply sign in to your myGov account and access ATO services. You can then:

    • view, lodge, revise, vary and pay your activity statement
    • manage your PAYG instalments, including elections, voluntary entry, and real-time exits.

    Media: Activity statement lodgment: It’s easy online Link (Duration: 00:30)

    How to lodge online

    You lodge your activity statement for individuals and sole traders online through myGov.

    Sign in to myGov

    By clicking on this link you will be taken away from Once you're signed in to myGov, access the ATO from linked services, then:

    1. Select Tax and then Activity statements from the menu.
    2. To lodge a new activity statement, select Lodge activity statement. To view or revise an already lodged activity statement, select View or revise activity statements.

    You can lodge your activity statement in a matter of minutes.

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