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  • Individuals and sole traders

    Manage your tax and super in one place using ATO online services for individuals and sole traders. All you need is a myGov account linked to ATO online services.

    On this page:

    What you can do online

    With our online services for individuals and sole traders you can:

    • update your contact details, including your name, address and date of birth
    • view your tax file number (TFN)
    • lodge your tax return, check its progress, amend your tax return (from 2015 onwards), or tell us if you don't need to lodge a return
    • view your notices of assessment
    • make a payment or create a payment plan
    • view your payment summary information (it will be called an income statement if your employer has started reporting through Single Touch Payroll (STP)-enabled software)
    • view your year-to-date tax and super information if your employer has started reporting through STP-enabled software
    • manage your PAYG instalments
    • lodge your claim for a refund of franking credits
    • view your study and training support loan account balance and transactions
    • receive notifications and communications from the ATO directly to your myGov Inbox, rather than through the post
    • view, find and manage your super, including your transfer balance account
    • access the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House to pay super contributions for employees
    • view, pay or elect to release your super for your Division 293, excess concessional and excess non-concessional amounts
    • apply for the First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSS) and see information about your account and application
    • apply to release your super on compassionate grounds.

    Additionally, sole traders can:

    • lodge activity statements
    • view, revise and print lodged activity statements
    • lodge and amend Taxable payments annual report (TPAR).

    Getting started

    To get started with ATO online services for individuals and sole traders, follow these two steps:

    1. Create a myGov account
    2. Link your myGov account to the ATO.

    Create a myGov account

    myGov is a fast, simple way to access government services online. A secure myGov account lets you link to a range of Australian Government services with one username and password, all in one place.

    Make sure you add your mobile number in order to use SMS code as your sign-in option for myGov. It's a quick and secure way to sign in and access ATO online services.

    Log in or create a myGov account

    If you already have a myGov account but have forgotten your username or password, select the links to recover your usernameExternal Link or recover your passwordExternal Link.

    Link your myGov account to the ATO

    Select the Services tab on your myGov home page and select Australian Taxation Office. You will be prompted to update your sign-in option to use security codes if you did not add your mobile number when creating your myGov account.

    You will need to provide additional information to identify your ATO record, including your given name, surname, TFN and date of birth.

    You will then need to confirm your identity by answering two questions specific to you, using information contained in two of the following:

    • a notice of assessment received in the last five years
    • a PAYG payment summary received in the last two years
    • a super account statement from the last five years
    • a dividends statement from the last two years
    • a Centrelink payment summary from the last two years, or
    • your bank account details. If you choose to use your bank account to confirm your identity, it must be an account you had your individual income tax refund paid into last year, or one that has earned interest in the last two years.

    If you do not have enough information, you will need to call us to get a unique linking code to help you complete this process. When you call, make sure you have your identification information ready, such as your TFN, driver's licence or Medicare card.

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    Update your settings to receive security codes

    In order to link your myGov account to the ATO you need to sign in to your account using a security code. This security code can be sent as an SMS to your mobile number or created on the myGov Access app.

    To update your settings:

    • sign in to your myGov account
    • select Account settings at the top of the page
    • select Sign-in options
    • turn on Receive a code by SMS. If you're travelling overseas or have limited mobile reception you should turn on myGov Access app.

    If you change your myGov sign-in option to 'Answer a secret question', you will be unlinked from the ATO and no longer able to access ATO online services or receive ATO communications to your myGov Inbox. Any ABN linked to your account will be removed and you will no longer be able to access government business online services through myGov.

    If you're already linked to ATO online services and use 'Answer a secret question' to sign in you can continue to use this option, but we recommend you update your settings to receive security codes.

    If you can't receive security codes

    You may not be able to access your myGov account because either:

    • the 'receive a code by SMS' feature was turned on and you no longer have access to your Australian mobile number
    • you used the myGov Access app to sign in and no longer have access to either the app or the device it was it was installed on (and don't have SMS codes turned on as a backup).

    If one of the above applies to you, and you do not see your circumstances changing, you will need to create a new myGov account and link to the ATO again. To use the same email address when setting up your new myGov account, you will need to call the myGov helpdesk to have your email address released.

    If you don’t have a device to receive a code by SMS or download the myGov Access app you will not be able to link to the ATO and access our online services.

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    Using your voiceprint to access online services

    Once you've set up your myGov account and linked it to ATO online services, you can enrol and use your voiceprint in the ATO app for fast, easy and secure access to our online services.

    To enrol your voiceprint, simply log in to our online services for individuals through the app and follow the prompts. Once enrolled, you can use your voice to verify your identity the next time you use our app or phone us.

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