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Payment reference number (PRN)

Your payment reference number (PRN) is your unique reference that ensures your payment is credited to the correct account.

You will have different payment reference numbers for different types of tax, for example income tax and activity statements. Make sure you use the right payment reference number for the type of tax you're paying.

Using an incorrect payment reference number could result in delays to payments being credited to your account and unnecessary debt collection activity.

You can go online to get your payment reference number:

Individuals and sole traders – you need a myGov account linked to the ATOExternal Link

Individuals – payment reference number

Businesses – log in to the Business PortalExternal Link and select ‘Payment options’ from the left menu:

Businesses – payment reference number

Registered agents – log in to the Tax Agent PortalExternal Link or BAS Agent PortalExternal Link and select 'Payment options' from the left menu.

Alternatively, you can:

  • obtain PRN's from ATO notices or payment slips
  • ask your tax agent
  • phone 1800 815 886, 8.00am–6.00pm, Monday to Friday.
  • email payment@ato.gov.au

Payment processing times

Payments made electronically or at Australia Post may take up to 4 business days, from the date you make the payment, to appear on your ATO account.

Cheque payments mailed to us are subject to postal service delivery timesExternal Link, but once received by us may take a further 4 business days to appear on your ATO account.

Payment slips

You'll need a payment slip to pay at the post office. Make sure you have the correct payment slip for the account you want to pay. Payment slips are generally available on notices of assessment or statements of account.

Business taxpayers can print a payment slip using the Business PortalExternal Link – select 'Payment options' from the left menu.

If you need to order a payment slip:

  • phone 13 72 26 to order an activity statement payment slip – you'll need your ABN to use this automated service
  • phone 13 28 65 to order an income tax, Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) or Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) payment slip – you'll need your tax file number (TFN) to use this automated service.

Registered agents can use the Tax Agent PortalExternal Link or BAS Agent PortalExternal Link to print personalised payment slips for their clients – select 'Payment options' from the left menu.

Card terms and conditions

Card payment fee

A card payment fee will apply to card payments. The fee is:

  • a percentage of the amount being paid, based on the type of card used
  • equal to the fee we incur from our bank
  • reviewed from time to time and may change
  • not subject to GST.

When you make your payment you'll be advised of the total amount including the fee before you finalise your payment.

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Card payment receipts

When you pay using any of our card payment services we'll give you a receipt number. The payment details will be displayed on your card statement as 'ATO payment' and 'Card payment fee – ATO'.

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