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  • Report schemes and promoters

    How to report tax avoidance or tax evasion schemes and promoters confidentially to the ATO.

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    Ways to report

    You can report a tax avoidance or tax evasion scheme confidentially by:

    • completing the tip-off form on our website or in the ATO app 'contact us' section
    • phone the tip-off hotline on 1800 060 062.

    Details to prepare

    If possible, you should include the following information:

    • details of the arrangement
    • name and contact details of the adviser, intermediary, facilitator or promoter
    • any other relevant information, such as promotional material, cost of the arrangement, tax advice provided.

    What to do if you're offered a scheme

    If you are offered a tax avoidance or tax evasion scheme, you should reject it and then report it to us. You should also contact us if you:

    • think you are involved in a tax scheme
    • have concerns about an investment arrangement or a promoter.

    Taxpayers who disclose their involvement in a tax scheme could be eligible for a reduction in penalties.

    If you suspect that you have already entered into a tax avoidance or tax evasion arrangement, please contact us to correct your position and mitigate your exposure to interest and penalties.

    Find more information on making a tip-off and making voluntary disclosures in the approved form.

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