• The fight against tax crime

    The tax and superannuation systems are valued community assets that support the Australian way of life. Australians show their support for these systems by voluntarily meeting their tax obligations – lodging returns and other reports on time and paying the right amount of tax.

    However, a small percentage of people deliberately and dishonestly break the law to avoid paying their fair share, or to claim refunds or other payments they are not entitled to.

    These people cheat the whole community. In fairness to the rest of us, and to maintain community confidence in the tax system, we are strongly committed to effectively tackling tax crime.

    Using sophisticated intelligence capabilities and collaborating with partner agencies nationally and internationally, we pay particular attention to key areas where there are higher risks, including offshore secrecy arrangements, refund fraud, 'phoenix' behaviour, identity crime and organised crime.

    There are things you can do to help us protect Australia from tax crime. By playing your part, you are helping keep the system fair for everyone.

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