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  • TFN report

    You must lodge a TFN report for any quarter in which a beneficiary quotes their TFN to you. The report is due by the last day of the month following the end of the quarter.

    If there are no new TFNs to report for a quarter, you don't need to lodge a report.

    You can lodge your TFN report:

    • electronically using Standard Business ReportingExternal Link (SBR) enabled software - talk to your software provider to find out if they offer this service.
    • by post - send your completed TFN report to the address listed on the form.

    Example: When to lodge a TFN report

    Tara is a beneficiary of the Jackson Trust, which is a closely held trust. Tara provides her TFN and other details to the trustee of the Jackson Trust on 4 July. The trustee must lodge a TFN report with us disclosing Tara's TFN and other details by 31 October of the same year.

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