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  • CGT discount for foreign residents

    The 50% capital gains tax (CGT) discount is not available to foreign and temporary resident individuals for assets acquired after 8 May 2012.

    This includes beneficiaries of trusts and partners in a partnership.

    You can only apply the discount to part of your capital gain if either of the following happened:

    • you acquired the asset on or before 8 May 2012
    • you had a period of Australian residency after 8 May 2012.

    If either of these applies to you, use the CGT discount worksheet (PDF, 222KB)This link will download a file to calculate your discount.

    CGT events that occurred on or before 8 May 2012 are not affected.

    Foreign and temporary residents are subject to CGT only on taxable Australian property.

    Last modified: 01 Jul 2022QC 66060