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  • Section 1: Your AGL shares

    Column 1 - Parcel Number

    What is a parcel of shares?

    Typically, an investor will buy their shares in 'parcels', which simply means a group of shares that were purchased on a particular date for a particular price. Although each share is a separate CGT asset, it is usually more convenient to work out the CGT consequences for each parcel of shares.

    If you had any pre-CGT AGL shares, enter these in the first row.

    Column 2 - Number of AGL shares

    Enter the total number of shares you had in each parcel.

    Column 3 - Cost base

    Enter the total cost base of AGL shares in the parcel.

    Cost base is not relevant for pre-CGT shares.

    Column 4 - Acquisition date

    Enter the date you purchased each parcel of shares (for dividend reinvestment plans, this is the date the shares were issued to you - refer to your dividend statements). If you acquired them by other means, enter the date you became the owner.

    The acquisition date is not relevant for pre-CGT shares.

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