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  • Resource 4: Creating our ideal community (part 3)

    This resource is for Years 5–6, Topic 3 – Collecting tax fairly, activity titled Tax models – worksheet and discussion.

    Along with this accessible version, which you can either print or use online, we also have the same resource available as a PDF – Resource 4: creating our ideal community – part 3 (PDF, 78KB)External Link.

    Questions about tax models

    1. Based on the criteria of fairness, which tax model will be the main source of funds in your ideal community? Justify your response:  
      • regressive
      • proportional
      • progressive
    2. For each of the following, which model will you use to tax citizens? Justify your choice:  
      • houses (rates)
      • good and services
      • motor vehicles
      • business profits
      • income

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