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  • Resource 5: graphic organiser for video answer sheet

    The following are accessible text versions of resources for Years 5–6, Topic 1 – Community rights and responsibilities, activity titled What is democracy? – video stimulus.

    Along with this accessible version, which you can either print or use online, we also have the same resource available as a PDF – Resource 5: graphic organiser for video answer sheet (PDF, 86KB)External Link.

    Questions and possible answers

    1. Where did democracy begin?
    2. What is democracy? (use your own words if you can)
      Demos = People
      Kratos = power or rule
      Rule of the people - People have a say
    3. What is the magna carta and why was it important?
      The Magna Carta promised people very basic rights and the idea of democracy started to take hold again.
    4. How does Australia’s democracy work?
      Australia has a representative democracy. We elect a politician to represent us in parliament. Representatives voice their electorate’s views at a national level
    5. What are the values that form the basis of democracy in Australia?
      The freedom to express our views without getting into trouble.
      Equal rights for people from all different backgrounds.
      The right to justice and a fair and independent trial.
    6. What are examples of other forms of government?
      Absolute monarchy where one leader has control over the country (Saudi Arabia and Qatar)
      Dictatorship – One leader has power, but they aren’t royal and take over a country by force (North Korea and Zimbabwe)
    7. Why is democracy important?
      Best interest at heart, we can voice our opinion and have the freedom to make a difference.

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