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  • Keeping track of your super

    Your super is your savings for retirement. It's important that you know:

    • how much super you're getting
    • what super accounts you have
    • what insurance is provided for you.

    Having several super accounts could mean you're paying multiple fees and charges, which may reduce your overall retirement income.

    Inactive low-balance accounts

    A new law starting 1 July 2019 requires super funds to report and pay inactive low-balance super accounts to the ATO. Where possible, we will proactively consolidate the inactive low-balance accounts into active super funds on your behalf.

    For more information see Inactive low-balance super accounts

    ASIC's MoneySmart websiteExternal Link has details on the complete Protecting your super package.

    Lost and unclaimed super

    If you have ever changed your name, address, job or lived overseas, you may have unintentionally lost track of some of your super.

    Your lost or unclaimed super may be held by your super fund (as a lost member), or by us as ATO-held super.

    You can check where your super is using ATO online services through myGov.

    Media: Too many super accounts? Link (Duration: 01:17)

    Check your super

    You can find and manage your super using ATO online services through myGov. You can:

    • see details of all your super accounts, including any you may have forgotten about
    • find lost super held by your super funds
    • find ATO-held super – if your super fund, employer or the government can't find a super account to transfer your super to, we hold it on your behalf until you claim it from us or if it is unclaimed super money we are able to proactively transfer it to an eligible active super account that you hold
    • combine your multiple super accounts by transferring your super into one super account.

    Before consolidating, check with your fund to see if there are any exit fees or whether you will lose any valuable insurance. For more information, visit ASIC's MoneySmart websiteExternal Link.

    To find and manage your super using our online services:

    • log in or create a myGovExternal Link account
    • link your myGov account to the ATO
    • select 'super'
    • you can then find and choose to transfer your super.

    If you are unable to access our online services through myGov you can phone us.

    Note: To find out how much you contributed to your super fund so you do not exceed the superannuation contribution caps, you will need to contact your super fund.

    Can’t find the information you’re looking for? See whether the CommunityExternal Link can help you!

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