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  • Payment summaries



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

    End of attention

    A payer may issue a receipt, remittance advice or similar document in place of the PAYG payment summary – withholding where ABN not quoted. This document must contain the same details as the payment summary and be signed by the payer.

    If you received income from which tax was withheld and you did not receive or have lost your payment summary, contact your payer and ask for a copy.

    Payers must report to us details of payments where amounts of tax have been withheld. This information will be cross-checked with that on your tax return to make sure that you have declared the correct amount of income and the correct amount of tax withheld.

      Last modified: 28 Jun 2018QC 55387