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  • Commissioner Jordan welcomes decision of Senate Privileges committee

    Attributable to the Commissioner of Taxation Chris Jordan:

    I welcome the Senate Committee of Privileges’ report which cleared me of any contempt arising from my engagement with a Senate Order to provide protected information about businesses which received JobKeeper.

    At all times throughout this unprecedented matter, I have acted in good faith with careful regard to both my statutory responsibilities and to the privileges and processes of the Senate.

    One of my fundamental roles as Commissioner of Taxation is to ensure the integrity of the tax and super systems. Taxpayer secrecy is an essential component of these systems.

    In its report, the Privileges Committee noted that I had proposed an alternative and “potentially acceptable” approach to providing the information the Senate requires while maintaining the privacy of taxpayer information.

    I am committed to working constructively with the Senate and view my responsibilities in relation to the Senate Order with the utmost seriousness. I note the Privileges Committee found it was “confident” I will meet my obligations.

    Further information: Commissioner of Taxation submission (page 25-32):

    The Senate – Committee of Privileges - Matter of possible contempt - Commissioner of TaxationExternal Link

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