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  • How to apply

    The process for applying for ARI approval and DGR endorsement differs depending on whether your research institute is a charity.


    If your institute is an entity that is a charity, complete the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) online registration form to apply for:

    • charity registration with the ACNC
    • DGR endorsement with us - indicate the item number 3.1.1 'Approved research institute'.

    If the ACNC registers your institute as a charity, your DGR endorsement application will then be forwarded to us and we will contact you for your ARI application and relevant documents.

    See also:

    Registered already or not a charity

    If your institute is a charity already registered with the ACNC, not a charity or is part of an entity, apply to us directly by completing:

    Send your completed applications and relevant documents to:

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 3373
    PENRITH  NSW  2740

    ARI application

    Whether an institute gains ARI status is determined by one of the approving authorities. In the first instance, send your written application to us.

    Include in your ARI application:

    • a description of the organisation and the research to be undertaken
    • a copy of the organisation's founding documents as amended
    • a list of the proposed research committee (minimum five) with a brief curriculum vitae and signed consent from each proposed member, agreeing to serve on the research committee
    • the organisation's most recent annual report and audited financial statements.

    These will be reviewed and, if complete, forwarded by us to the appropriate approving authority. An application checklist is provided so you can ensure that you enclose all information necessary for the application to proceed.

    Complete the Approved research institute - application checklistThis link will download a file (PDF, 101 KB)This link will download a file and include it with your ARI application.

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